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How long will the summer camp last?

Generally 5-10 weeks.

What age(s) must my child/children be to attend camp? Are the classes age appropriate?

Summer Camp is for ages 4 – 13, and classes are age appropriate.

May I pay for the entire camp in advance?

Yes. You are required to pay a minimum weekly camp tuition payment, however you are more than welcome to pay in full, or weeks in advance. Example: $125.00 per week x 10 weeks = $1,250.00 + $110.00 one-time registration fee, will be a total due of $1,360.00

What discounts are available?

Sibling Discounts: $5.00 off each additional child’s weekly tuition (i.e. $125.00 – first child, $120.00 – second child, $115.00 – third child, $110.00 – fourth child…we will not go below $100.00)

When are payments due?

Payments are due every Friday (during morning hours), for the week to come. Example: If you are making a payment on Friday, June 2nd, that payment will be for the week of June 4th.

If your child will not be attending camp for that week, you will be responsible for paying a $75.00 holdingfee per child (to hold your child’s place in camp), along with providing a written note on the Friday before your child is out to make us aware of their absence. Example: If your child will not be attending camp during the week of June 4th, please provide $75.00 per child, and a note on June 2nd.

How do I make my payments?

Cash, Money Orders/Cashier’s Checks (made payable to Arts In Us, Inc.). Payments are to be made onsite only.All receipts will be given upon request only.

Will a late fee be charged if I do not make my payment on time?

Yes, a late fee of $15.00 will be charged the following Monday, and will be due along with the missed tuitionpayment when your child is picked up.

Late fees will be charged daily until payment is received. Example: $65.00 payment due Friday, Monday still no payment, $15.00 late fee; Tuesday still no payment, another $15.00 late fee and so on…daily charges will continue to occur, until the next payment is due, after which, your child must be taken out of camp. 

Will I be charged extra if I do not pick my child up at dismissal?

Yes, you will be charged $1.00 per minute. We ask that all parents pick up their child/children by the specified dismissal time of your local camp site.

Will meals be provided? If so, how many?

Yes, one (1) snack will be provided by Arts In Us, Inc., unless otherwise informed.

Will they go on field trips?

Yes, they will go on field trips, as conditions permit. 

What is the dress code?

Camp T-shirts are mandatory and ALL campers MUST wear them to be present on site. Students will receive a green Arts In Us camp T-shirt, as well as an yellow Arts In Us camp T-shirt. An Arts In Us camp T-shirt will be worn 5 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – YELLOW shirts are to be worn; Tuesday and Thursday GREEN shirts are to be worn). Please keep in mind your child/children will be running or playing, so please think of their safety (tennis shoes).

No short skirts, exposed body parts, etc. Please be tasteful, child friendly and oriented.

Arts In Us camp T-shirts are available for purchase to all of our camp parents, at half price.

Will I have to purchase equipment for the activities?

No, you will not have to purchase equipment for the activities while at camp, they will be provided.

What will my child need to bring to camp every day?

Your child/children should bring personal school supplies such as backpack, pencils, folder, notebook paper,crayons, etc. Instructional material for specific activities (books, equipment, etc.) and extra supplies will beprovided for our campers, by AIUI.

Medication(s) – students should bring required medication(s) only if necessary, along with parent letter of approval, with instructions on how and when to administer the medication.